Questions and Answers

USCISMed Exams

Q: What type of photo identification am I allowed to bring?

A: The forms of photo identification that we accept are a US Government issued photo ID such as a valid US drivers license or your passport.

Q: Can I have my lab testing done at my own doctors office and just bring the results with me to my appointment?

A: No.  All testing must originate from the civil surgeon's office.

Q: What tests can I expect to have done at my exam?

A:                               Under 6 months of age

                                       No lab testing is required

                                 Under 18 years of age

                              Quantiferon Gold  (tuberculosis test)

                               18 to 24 years of age     

                            Quantiferon Gold  (tuberculosis test)
                            RPR : Syphilis - Blood Test                                                                  45 years and older

                            Gonorrhea : Urine test                                                                       Quantiferon Gold  (tuberculosis test)

                              25 to 44 years of age

                            Quantiferon Gold  (tuberculosis test)
                                   RPR : Syphilis - Blood Test

Q: What if one of my test results is positive?

A: If the RPR or Gonorrhea test is positive you will be treated with antibiotics or referred back to your Primary Care Physicians office.   Follow up testing may be required.  

Q: What if my Quantiferon Gold test is positive?

A: If your Quantiferon test is positive a chest x-ray is required to rule out active tuberculosis.  If the results of the x-ray are negative we can complete your documentation.  If the x-ray is abnormal you may be referred to a tuberculosis health center for follow up care.  After we receive a letter from the TB health center stating that your TB has been treated or is not active, we will complete your documentation.

Q: If I need an immunization, what are my options?

A: For Immunizations the options are:

       1. Have the immunization(s) at our office (additional charges will apply).
      2. Visit your primary care doctor and have the immunization(s) at their office.  Bring documentation of immunizations received from your PCP to our office.
      3. Have blood drawn at your Primary Care Physicians office to check immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox.

Q: What Vaccines will I need?

A: Visit our Immunization Page to determine if immunizations are needed.

Q: How long will it take before I receive my sealed documentation?

A: Typical turnaround time is 5 days, but it could be longer.  Most people have their paperwork completed in 5-10 days.  

Q: Will I receive a copy of my medical documentation?

A: Yes,  you will receive a photocopy of your USCIS paperwork.

Q: About how long can I expect to be at your office for the exam?

A: Please plan for at least 60 minutes or longer for family groups.

Q: Is it true that I need someone who can read and write in English?

A: Yes.  If you do not speak and write English you must be accompanied by an interpreter for every visit to the office.  This person will also be required to sign your finalized paperwork.

Q: May any doctor perform the required medical examination?

A: Only a doctor designated by USCIS as a civil surgeon may perform the medical examination. USCIS will not accept a Form I-693 completed by a doctor who is not currently a designated civil surgeon.