There are vaccination requirements by the USCIS, but you may provide us with vaccination documents that show previous vaccinations. You can also choose to receive vaccinations at our facility. We charge $25 for a Td vaccine and f flu vaccine. Others are more expensive but may not be required for your age group.
Attention to Detail

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USCIS Medical Exams

You can trust us to help you with your medical documentation.

​We use open access booking in our office. That means appointments are available within one to two weeks. Often times appointments are available the same week. We will work with you to find a time suitable for your schedule, if possible. 
Our dedicated team has helped many families through the USCIS Physical Exam process.
We pay attention to the fine details that are involved in filling out your medical documentation. All paperwork is checked twice by our staff and every patient reviews his or her demographic information before it is signed and sealed in the envelope.

Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable physical exams for children and adults applying for legal residency in the United States. We We will help guide you through the medical exam process and answer any questions you may have. 

Our Civil Surgeons have been a trusted part of this community for over 25 years 

USCISMed Exams