These are general guidelines and everything listed here may or may not apply to your visit.

  •  Upon arrival at our office, we will begin by filling out your paperwork.  This will include reviewing your photo identification and any immunization records you bring.
  •  Once your paperwork is in order we will bring you to an exam room, obtain your vitals and review what tests will be done after the doctor's exam.
  •   Next, the doctor will conduct the medical exam and ask any necessary questions to complete your documentation.
  •   After the exam, we will collect all the testing samples that are needed and administer any vaccines that may be required. 
  • Payment is required when checking out.  Please call the office 4-5 days after your exam to see if labs are complete.  A second visit will be made for signatures and paperwork pick up.


Once the following have been completed we will complete the documentation and provide you with a sealed envelope for submission:

Physical Exam Completed
by one of our civil surgeons

Tuberculosis Testing:

Negative Quantiferon gold

(or clear chest x-ray if positive)

Negative test results for:

Syphilis and Gonorrhea for ages 15 years and older

Proof of USCIS required


It is important to understand that everyone who undergoes an immigration physical will need to come to the office at least twice.  Once for the exam and again to pick up finalized paperwork.  Visit our Pre-visit Checklist to make sure you have all the proper documents for your visit.

Immigration Physical Process

Chest   X-Ray

If the Quantiferon Gold lab test is positive, a chest x-ray is required.   We will write an order for an X-ray to be done at the facility of your choice.  You must provide us with that facilities fax number to send the order.  We often use an urgent care facility located in Natick.  If a patient does not have insurance to pay for the X-ray this particular facility has inexpensive fees for this service.  You are responsible for ensuring that we receive the result of the X-ray by fax from the facility where the X-ray was taken.

On SiteCollection

​We will collect a sample of your urine and draw blood .  We have a blood drawing station on site and all samples are collected at the time of the exam.   Ages 6 months through age 14 are required to have one lab test.  All others are required to have 2 blood tests and a urine sample.


If a referral to a tuberculosis treatment center is needed, a list is provided and you may seek treatment at one of several centers located in Massachusetts.  

USCISMed Exams