Physical Exam Ages 15 and older...$500.00


Quantiferon Gold + (TB test)

RPR blood test (Syphilis )

GC DNA urine test ( Gonorrhea )

Physical Exam Ages 14 and younger...$400.00

Immunization Fees

Pricing and Fees

All Vaccines Needed For USCIS Exams Are Available At Our Office. Pricing varies on type of vaccine and current insurance status. 

Due to a change in the USCIS regulations, a blood test is now required to test for TB (Tuberculosis) instead of a ppd (skin test).  All immigration physicals MUST comply with this new regulation.  This new test is expensive and will involve an increase to our lab expenses. As a result, immigration physicals for adults and children over 14 will now be charged $500.00.  Children 14 and younger will now be charged $400.00.  These new fees will include ALL testing done by our office. The only other additional fees are for any vaccines needed.  These changes took effect as of 08/15/2020

Physical Exam

USCISMed Exams